St.George Island Bike Trip-In plans for 2018

Our annual Beach Trip for 2018 is in the planning Keep MAY open

Pecan City Pedalers Beach trip 2017 was a great success and 2018  trip is planned for May 2018. We will rent homes on St. George Island for a 3 day weekend. Plans are for people to drive their own vehicles to St. George on Friday and meet at the rental house. We will do a group ride out from there each day.  If you would like to make your own accomadations at a local hotel and still join us that would be great. Please let me know if your interested or if you plan to meet us there.  229-220-5615 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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New PCP Jerseys for Sale

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 1.17.34 PMScreen_Shot_2016-04-22_at_2.03.18_PM.png Screen_Shot_2016-04-22_at_3.58.58_PM.png
Our New LOOK for Pecan City Pedalers.
Pecan City Pedalers New Look for 2016. We haven't changed the design since 2010. Womens sleeveless Jerseys / tanks, Mens short sleeve full zip $55, shorts $72 and Bibs $76.50. We have a few select sizes available for sale so please let me know if you would like one. Club members get a $10 discount..... This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Star Business of the Week

PCP business of the week

Developmental Group Ride begins March 10th

PCP Club Breakfast Ride

PCPNutRollManLogo200Winter Hours - PCP Club Breakfast Ride the third Saturday of the month 10am, Leaving from Cycleworld.

Every third Saturday is the monthly Breakfast Ride leaving out of Cycle World at 10am.  Ride to Abbott's for breakfast, compliments of the Pecan City Pedalers then ride back, or work off breakfast with additional miles. Many mileage options to choose from. Invite your friends to come along. Everyone is welome!! Check our Facebook page for updates

Cyclists say "Share the Road", Albany News, Weather, Sports

By Shannon Wiggins WALB reporter Email comments on this article


Georgia ranks tenth in the nation for the number of bicycle fatalities. 

A cyclist group in Albany is dedicated to making sure that safety is a top priority for cyclists and motorists. They want drivers to give cyclists enough room, three feet exactly, to enjoy the roads.   

Lisa Kendrick joined Cycleworld's beginner cycling group not only for her health but to also learn the rules of the road.   

"We have different types of sign languages as far as stopping, when to stop as a group, when cars are passing or about to pass. Making sure we're single file and everything like that," said Kendrick.   

The group meets twice a week cycling 18 mile and 21 mile routes around Albany. Motorists do worry Kendrick and she hopes drivers are obeying Georgia's three feet law when passing. 

  "Motorists need to remember, give us those three feet," said Kendrick.

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Rides and Tours


Saturday morning club rides leaving from Cycle World 10am, (winter hours)  usually two or three different options in length to choose from. The Pecan City Pedalers Facebook group page has weekly updates or for more information contact Sharon Thompson This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . We encourage everyone to come out and bring a friend. Let others know through the the PCP Facebook group that you will be riding and which route you intend to take. Letting riders know you are riding will encourage others to participate with you. Looking forward to having great rides every Saturday morning.

This is not the fill up, show up, dress up, pump up, get your bike out of the shop time, this is the leave time so be mindful of your fellow riders and be ready to roll out. 

Local Rides

Weekday RIDES

We will continue to have a group ride on most Saturdays leaving from Darton (Albany State on Gillionville) at the tennis courts 8am. There are rides most nights at 6pm. Please check social media for any updates.  Click Below on READ MORE LOCAL RIDES

Check the Pecan City Pedalers Facebook group for updates.

Read more: Local Rides

Etiquette Guide for Group Rides

Whether on your favorite century or just out for a spin with your friends, group etiquette is essential for keeping the ride safe and enjoyable.


Group Rides follow the Same Rules of the Road as Driving:

Remember, cyclists fare best when they ACT and are TREATED as drivers of vehicles.

Be Predictable:

Others expect you to keep a straight line and constant speed.

Use Signals:

Whether by hand or voice to let others know your intentions.

Give Warnings:

Warn of changes in your direction or speed. Signal "slowing," "stopping," or "left / right turn."

Change Positions Correctly:

Call out "on your left" as you pass. Avoid passing on the right as others do not expect it.

Announce Hazards:

Call out "gravel," "hole," "dogs," or just "obstacle" to inform others that may not see it.

Watch for Traffic:

Call out "car back," "car up," or "car left / right." Cyclists in large groups cannot see traffic, Acknowledge by repeating someone else's call.

Read more: Etiquette Guide for Group Rides

Chehaw BMX and 12 mile Mountain Bike Trail

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Pecan City Pedalers donation to Chehaw BMX was put to good use. The track has been rebuilt and is a first class State recongnized track. If anyone wants to volunteer I'm sure they could use the help with maintaining the track.

The Chehaw Mountain Bike Trail has been expaned to 11+ miles of trail designated for multi use to include Biking, Running and Walking. No Horses allowed. Additional trail is in the planning process along with new features and trail markings. Trail head has a new pump track and bike wash with ample parking and restrooms. Showers available in campground. Volunteers to help with maintainance are always welcome. Please contact Richard Thompson 229-854-1598 or Josh Fix 229-343-7408 for more information. You can also follow along at the Chehaw Cycling face book page.

Chip Battle Interview with WALB

Governor warns cyclists, pedestrians to be careful

Posted: Jan 21, 2014 11:47 PM ESTUpdated: Jan 22, 2014 9:23 AM EST
By Josh Rhoden -


Chip Battle loves riding his bike on Albany's roads.  "I ride probably five or six times a week," Chip Battle, Cyclist.

But he always makes sure he is fully protected.  "Know what you're going to do, you need to be, you don't want to weave in and out of traffic, you need to be predictable and then you also want to be visible," said Battle.


Wednesday, September 20, 2017